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Barratt David Wilson Development - High Elms Park.

BDW have started construction on the new residential development and 2000 copies of their Newsletter will be delivered to many Hullbridge residents and a copy will be available to see on our Website / Noticeboards for those who do not receive one. Work will take place between 07.30-19.00 hrs Monday - Friday and 07.30 - 17.00 hrs on Saturday with no working on Sunday's.  Due to the Ghost Lane taking a considerable chunk of land around the current Memorial on the corner of Watery lane we have negotiated with BDW and they have agreed to build a temporary one opposite (on their site) for residents to lay wreaths/flowers for loved ones also for future Remembrance Services. Once the Sales Unit is removed then a permanent War Memorial and Garden of reflection will be built. (Design to be agreed - so if any resident has any suggestions please forward them on to us). We will keep you updated as progress is made.


Planning application for 500 dwellings


Reserve Matters for 500 dwellings

Application No: 18/00135/REM

Applicant: Barratt David Wilson Homes (Eastern Counties) -Mr R Houghton

Site Location: Land Between Windermere Avenue and Lower Road Malyons Lane Hullbridge SS5 6EN

Proposal: Application for reserved matters (in respect of layout, scale, design, external appearance, access (save for access points to the site as shown on the approved parameters plan) and landscaping) in relation to the outline application permission 14/00813/OUT at land between Windermere Avenue, Malyons Lane and Lower Road Hullbridge for the development of 500 dwellings together with associated access, car parking, landscaping, open space and related works.

Click here for Planning Application details for 18/00135/REM on Rochford District council's website

Development Control Committee 9th January 2019
This application was held at the Development Committee on 9th January 2019 for consideration. The meeting took place in the Council Chamber at the Civic Suite, 2 Hockley Road Rayleigh, SS6 8EB, start time 7.30 pm.  The planning application was permitted.

Public Notices

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Malyons Farm Development Update - Public Notice

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29.11.2017 - David Wilson Homes - Malyons Farm Development
Have Your Say - David Wilson Homes Consultation

Maylons Farm Development Update – December 2017

In January 2017 the Outline Planning Application was approved by Rochford District Council for 500 dwellings to be built on land between Windermere Avenue, Lower road and Malyons Lane REF 14/00813/OUT, please note that Hullbridge Parish Council did object.

This Outline application establishes the principal of the site and the would be Developers obligations, since then the land has been sold to Barrett David Wilson (BDW).

BDW are working on designs and carrying out the necessary preparation work and surveys which includes traffic assessment /archaeological evaluation / Environmental impact / Arbicultural Survey etc., they have also released their own consultation which was sent to 600 neighbouring residents. We, the Parish Council did ask for the whole village to be consulted and to circulate it to the wider community we have put it on our website for your information.

The information and data from the various surveys will be collated for the Reserve Matters submission, Reserve Matters follows the outline planning permission and is the 2nd half of the planning application and provides details of the design of property, appearance, landscaping, play/open spaces (approx. 6 hectares), layout of the scheme, financial contributions (Section 106 Agreement) and includes in the case of Malyons Farm the location of the swales and the Attenuation Tanks, each tank will be able to hold 2000 cubic metres of excess land run of water to prevent flooding.

BDW envisage submitting the Reserve Matters mid-January to Rochford District Council who will then process and validate the application, it will then be released in February for Consultee’s ( i.e Essex County Council, Environmental Agency, Hullbridge Parish Council) and for Public Consultation.

As with all planning applications a 21 day consultation period will be given for representations to be submitted to Rochford District Council which will be collated by Officers and distributed to District Members of the relevant Committee for them to consider and decide whether to agree or to object to the application, obviously timescales are fluid as data from the surveys could result with delays.

District Councillors and the Parish Council have had separate productive meetings with the Developers to forward local knowledge but also to raise some concerns to help improve the scheme and to discuss parts of the Section 106 agreement (financial contributions i.e Youth facilities).

We urge residents when the Reserve Matters application is released for consultation to send your observations as soon as possible to Rochford District Council so they can be processed and taken in to consideration by Rochford District Council Members when they consider this application.

Please note that as a Parish Council we are only a Consultee and although our submission includes residents views, Rochford District Council are the principal authority who ultimately have the power to make the decision.

We hope this information gives you an update of the current situation and we will continue to forward information to you as and when it is given to us.

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Update - Archaelogical Evaluation

Maylons Farm Developement Just to advise, Barrett David Homes (BDH) have arranged for an archaeological evaluation to be completed on the site and a trial trench evaluation will take place today and the rest of this week. BDH are obligated to carry out this work and it will be used to inform the reserved matters application and the discharge of the planning conditions. The aim is for all the work to be finished by 15th December 2017 and they are liaising with the site occupiers who are aware of the proposals so livestock can be managed accordingly. We will be keeping you fully informed as information is given to us.